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Welcome to Bruce Rettig’s blog, Changing Tides. This blog focuses on environmental issues and examines how the human spirit might, or might not, correct current trends. Many of the observations are colored by the author’s experiences while working in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, near the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), along with more recent travels through Nevada’s high mountain desert, often skirting the Nevada Test Range boundary. Other topics are sprinkled in the mix in order to lighten things up (the creative process, the craft of writing, travel and road trips, general musings, etc.). All comments submitted to this blog are welcome, including challenging or opposing views. The author attempts to post at least once a week, mostly on Fridays. Please visit with an open mind—there are many different viewpoints, but we all share the same home.

The Last Free Place in America

The Last Free Place in America

There were no signs leading to our destination. We only knew that it was located about twenty miles from the Salton Sea, and cell service was spotty at best as we kept an eye on our GPS. We rolled into Slab City well after sunset, and driving unfamiliar dirt roads...

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