REFRACTION recounts the experience of working in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, a remote Arctic outpost and home to the largest oilfield in North America. It provides an intimate insight into the power of Big Oil, the dangers of an industrial environment, and living with fellow laborers in an isolated work camp. REFRACTION has won several writing awards including first place for adult non-fiction in the San Francisco Writing Contest, first place for narrative non-fiction in the International Chanticleer Book Awards, and first place for narrative non-fiction in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association’s Literary Contest. 

REFRACTION is published by Wayfarer Books, an Eco-Lit imprint of Homebound Publications, and is available at large retailers and Amazon but please consider purchasing directly at the Wayfarer online store and continue to support independent publishers and bookstores. Homebound is a partner of One Tree Planted, and for every book they sell in their store a tree is planted.

About the author

Bruce Rettig is the author of the multi-award-winning nonfiction book, Refraction: An Arctic Memoir. The piece is based on his years of working as a merchant marine in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, the shipping hub for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Refraction is published by Wayfarer Books, an imprint of  Homebound Publications

Bruce also writes literary short stories, creative non-fiction, essays, and flash fiction/nonfiction. Many of his short stories have won awards, including the Peralta Press YK3 Contest for Best in Fiction, and an Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train’s Very Short Fiction contest.

Bruce lives at South Lake Tahoe, California, and writes in the early morning and late night hours. During the day he manages his advertising and graphic design agency, Charter Advertising, and serves as a travel writer/photographer for the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA) and tribal content developer for its website, He enjoys living in the beauty of the high Sierra, exploring Nevada’s high mountain desert, and traveling the Pacific Northwest. 

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2023: Onward and Upward

2023: Onward and Upward

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Someone to Ride Shotgun

Long, solo road trips not only offer the opportunity to enjoy new landscapes and people along the way—they also provide ample time to explore uncharted territory within one’s own head. It’s self-reflection “quality time” and a chance to allow thoughts to...

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When it All Goes Up in Flames

When it All Goes Up in Flames

Emotional and Financial Impacts of the "New Norm"     WE HAD SOLD the family home, and twenty acres it sat on, shortly after our parents passed away. My mother and father had bought the land and built their dream home after years of working and living in the San...

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