IT’S BEEN OVER A YEAR since I last posted in Changing Tides. As they say, “life happened,” and for me that included heavy work obligations, long stints of traveling, time for my family and outdoor activities, and finally, the publication of my book, Refraction: An Arctic Memoir.

2022 is in the books and we’re now embarking on another trip around the sun. I recently found and opened a cash box that I used when serving as publisher of Tahoe Writers Works’ annual literary publication, EDGE. The last time I used the box was at the 2019 AWP Conference (Association of Writers & Writing Programs) in Los Angeles. Inside was a collection of buttons, one proclaiming “Fuck 2016.” Little did we know back then, what we were really in for. Including the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been a seemingly endless Twilight Zone marathon of spiraling events the past few years.

And we all thought 2016 was a bad year . . .


For those of you who are new to Changing Tides, I created this blog over four years ago. My vision was to create a space to share ideas and stories related to the outdoors/natural world, the creative process, and general musings, colored by travel experiences. It focuses on environmental and social issues and examines how the human spirit might, or might not, correct current trends. My only disclaimer: “Please visit with an open mind—there are many different viewpoints but we all share the same home.”

Consider Changing Tides a forum for discussion, and a safe place for all voices to be heard. The first two years yielded a lot of comments and I’m looking forward to hearing more varying points of view throughout 2023 and beyond (I’ll post once a month, sometimes more). It’s my goal to instill something I believe has diminished the past few years: respectful discussion and dialogue.


Big Bend of the Missouri River, home of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe.


Lastly, a few quick updates regarding why it’s taken me so long to get back to posting—a lengthy list, but all positive events:

After much hard work, my book was published in November ’22 by Wayfarer Books, an eco-lit imprint of Homebound Publications. I also continue to manage my graphic design and marketing agency. 2022 was crazy-busy and we’re now in our 33rd year of business. In addition, I work as a writer/photographer/content developer for the America Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA) and in 2021-2022, I visited 114 Tribes, tribal enterprises, and tribally-owned businesses in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Arizona, and Northern /Southern California. On my own time, I took a trip from Chicago with my son down the Great Migration route and Blues Highway through Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi and into New Orleans, Louisiana. I plan to post more about all these treks in later posts.

Journeying to unique places of interest and meeting the people who live there, often uncovers new thoughts, ideas, and directions. Shortcuts and side trips provide unexpected surprises and learning experiences. I’m excited to hit the 2023 highway and look forward to traveling it with you—please consider subscribing and following Changing Tides. Thanks—we’re off and running!

A trip through the Deep South provided a lot to see, hear, and learn.

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