Changing Tides

Welcome to Bruce Rettig’s blog, Changing Tides. This blog focuses on topics related to the natural world, the creative process, and general musings. It focuses a keen eye on environmental and social issues and examines how the human spirit might, or might not, correct current trends. Many of the observations are colored by experiences from the road. The author posts once a month, and all comments submitted to this blog are welcome, including challenging or opposing views. Please visit with an open mind—there are many different viewpoints but we all share the same home.

2023: Onward and Upward

2023: Onward and Upward

IT'S BEEN OVER A YEAR since I last posted in Changing Tides. As they say, "life happened," and for me that included heavy work obligations, long stints of traveling, time for my family and outdoor activities, and finally, the publication of my book, Refraction: An...

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